Soft Touch Matte

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Happy New Year. 

For 2021 we will be introducing a number of new products and finishes.  The first new product we will be introducing is our soft touch matte finish.  This durable and affordable finish is unique and will set your products apart.

You can select soft touch matte on any of our products. 

In addition to investing in the latest technology, we will continue to bring you unique finishes and investing in our online designer to create your custom buttons.

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6ft Distance Buttons

If your store associates would like to offer a reminder to customers to stay back, a subtle 6 ft button can do the trick.  Create your own online with our custom button designer.

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Switch and Save

We are looking for artists, gift shops, bands, and more!  If you are currently purchasing your promotional products from another company, we have an offer for you.  If you switch to Button Chimp we will extend you a generous discount on your first order, as well as subsequent discounts for continued business.You will get high [...]

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Buy Your SH!T and get out

Now more than ever it is important for your customers to get their stuff, and get out of your store.  These buttons will make it clear, and funny, that customers need to get what they want, and move along with their day. You can add your logo to these buttons, your custom colors, and fonts, and [...]

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COVID Inspired Buttons

If you need a button for your staff to encourage others to remain 6 feet back, try our online button designer to create a quick button for your specific need.Easy to use in an infinite array of colors, get started today!

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Campaign Buttons: Foreign Interference

What exactly is foreign interference?  Well let planet money tell you about that, just make sure to follow the rules!We will help you with the buttons for your campaign, let planet money guide you on the law!You can design your own campaign buttons easily with our campaign button designer.  Easy to use, free, and great prices on pinback [...]

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Health and Wellness Buttons

You can customize your own health and wellness button online with Button Chimp.  Start in our health and wellness category, select a design you like, and customize to suit your needs.  These buttons can be available in any size and shape, but most often come in a 3" round pinback.Contact us for all your custom [...]

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Square JW.ORG Buttons

If you are looking to create square buttons for your national convention you can get that done with Button Chimp.  Start by finding an image of your choice, or designing your own, and then upload your artwork to our square button order form. After that we will size and produce your buttons and have them on [...]

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Create Kickstarter Rewards

What better way to reward your kickstarter contributors than with custom buttons.  Design your own kickstater reward with our online custom button designer.  

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Create buttons for your pageant

With our online button designer you can upload a head shot of your pageant contestant, add a name or other text.It doesn't take long to create an affordable button, and you can avoid unnecessary setup fees with our online designer.Get started with your pageant button today!

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